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If you would like to get a feel for the features of JOE before getting started, take a look at here
It is a tutorial and highly recommended for new users
Also, take a look at some of the new features supported by this version
Java Ontology Editor (JOE)

Please note: Ontologies, from JOE's point of view, are Entity-Relationship (ER) or Frame-Slot model of a given knowledge base.  At this stage of development, JOE neither attempts to validate the ontology nor check for flaws in the design of the ontologies - providing such features are in the plans for the future.  In the same note, when building ontologies, JOE only supports very minimal ontological constructs such as entities, attributes, and relations.  Currently, the main goal is to provide a graphical interface for representing ontologies that can be used in a distributed environment such as the Internet.

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